Pleasure is good: How French children acquire a taste for life” – The Conversation, Jan. 5

A professor explains that in France, the struggle to teach children to eat well is not connected to the moralistic, guilty-pleasure model common in America, but rather to the pure pursuit of pleasure. As a result, French children end up having great taste and a better diet.


Low-Fiber Diets Cause Waves of Extinction in the Gut” – The Atlantic, Jan. 13

Over generations, mice deprived of fiber permanently lost some species of gut microbes. What does this mean for human health?


Crunch data to live longer, says the doctor who treats the stars,” The Guardian, Jan. 7, 2016

According to the Beverly Hills doctor who counts many stars among his patients, listening to our bodies and recording and analyzing the results is more beneficial than smoothies or vitamins. He believes in technology-driven progress and focuses on how scientific breakthroughs can help us “edit our DNA,” adopt healthier lifestyles and customize medical treatment.

You Can’t Trust What You Read About Nutrition” – FiveThirtyEight, Jan. 6, 2016

This interesting piece explains scientifically why it is so hard and complicated to determine and measure whether a diet is healthy or not.


Posture Affects Standing, and Not Just the Physical Kind” – The New York Times, Dec. 28, 2015

Good posture is essential, and this article explains why. Poor posture can have ill effects that radiate throughout the body, causing back and neck pain, muscle fatigue, breathing limitations, arthritic joints, digestive problems and mood disturbances. It can also create a bad impression when applying for a job, starting a relationship or making new friends.


A Striking Stat

By 2025, one in 10 people will be wearing clothes connected to the Internet – and the first implantable mobile phone is expected to be sold.

Source: World Economic Forum, 1.21.16

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