Experts from world-renowned organizations like the Cleveland Clinic and Clinton Global Initiative identified 10 ways workplace wellness needs to evolve in the future.

On July 15 the Global Wellness Institute held its seventh roundtable. This time the topic was “Redefining Workplace Wellness,” and the roundtable took place in Manhattan. Twenty-five-plus experts from high-profile organizations (like the Cleveland Clinic, the Clinton Global Initiative, Johnson & Johnson, Citi and Goldman Sachs) sat down for a wide-ranging discussion about how the very idea of “work”—and the profile of the global workforce—is now changing at lightning speed.

This assembled “brain trust” identified 10 ways workplace wellness needs to change in the future, from tackling the increasingly screen-trapped, sedentary, satellite and super-stressed worker to taking a far more “hyper-local” approach for multinational programs.

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Read the full Roundtable Report

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