It’s summer vacation time, and there is a solid, body of medical evidence that suggests vacations are indeed good for one’s health. For instance, the famed Framingham Heart Study found that women who took a vacation once every six years or less were nearly eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a heart attack than those who took at least two vacations a year. Another study of 12,000 men at high risk for coronary heart disease found that those who failed to take annual vacations were 32 percent more likely to die of a heart attack.

But is there medical evidence specifically for “wellness vacations”? Yes.
Read more to find out which vacation components lead to the most positive health outcomes.

One thought on “More Vacations: Less Heart Disease”

  1. Having just presented on the importance of vacations to health and well-being in NYC this past month alongside of the US Travel Association, MasterCard, GoDaddy & Peter Shankman to name a few, here are a couple of articles, posts & resources that you may find helpful. This is a topic Wellness Tourism Worldwide has researched and presented since 2012. I also sit on an advisory board that seeks to legislate vacation benefits in the United States.
    Our reports are listed on the Global Wellness Institutes website under research and there are a number of free infographic downloads on our website.

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