Below are recent news-making studies and articles about new clinical research and emerging medical evidence for various wellness approaches. Because it’s mainstream reporting, the articles typically present complex medical studies in an easy-to-digest way. For those who wish to dig deeper, research sources are cited in each featured article.

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November 2014 – Constipation May Be Improved by Self-Applied Acupressure – Medscape
March 2014 – Acupressure Equally Effective as Medication for Post-operative Nausea – Massage Magazine, from the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
March 2014 – Cochrane Review Finds Acupuncture, Acupressure Show Little Benefit for Smoking Cessation – Mental Elf

January 2015 – Acupuncture Viable for Pain Relief After Joint Replacement – Monthly Prescribing Reference
November 2014 – Acupuncture, Exercise May Ease Pain for Breast Cancer Patients –
July 2014 – Variations of Acupuncture Help With Hot Flashes –
April 2014 – Acupuncture Helps Pediatric Patients Manage Pain and Nausea – UCSF Medical Center News
February 2014 – Rutgers Medical School Study: Acupuncture Shows Promise for Treating Inflammatory Disease – Science Daily

January 2015 – You Can Make People Trust You With This Scent, Study Says – Time Magazine
October 2014 – Faint Evidence Aromatherapy Helps Reduce Stress: Research –
August 2014 – Can Candy With Essential Oils Keep Nausea Away? – Wall Street Journal

September 2014 – Chiropractic Care May Ease Back-Related Leg Pain – Reuters Annals of Internal Medicine
August 2014 – Seeing Chiropractor First Reduces Likeliness of Back Surgery – Scoop News
July 2014 – JAMA Recommends Chiropractic As First Means of Back Pain Treatment – Fox News

February 2015 – Why Jogging May Be Better For Your Health Than Running Forbes
January 2015 – Inactivity Could Be More Harmful to Your Health than Obesity –The Week
January 2015 – The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk The Week
January 2015 – How Exercise Keeps Us Young –New York Times
December 2014 – Run to Stay Young –New York Times
December 2014 – Got a Minute? Let’s Work Out –New York Times
October 2014 – How Exercise May Protect Against Depression New York Times
October 2014 – How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains New York Times
September 2014 – Physical Exercise Helps Combat Stress-Induced Depression –University Herald, from Cell Journal
August 2014 – Lifestyle Change Cost-Effective for Type 2 Diabetes Patients; 10-year savings over $5000 –MedPage
August 2014 – Rich People Exercise, Poor People Take Diet Pills – The Atlantic
May 2014 – Early Fitness Can Improve the Middle Age Brain – New York Times
April 2014 –Study: Exercise Helps Aging Brains Grow Larger and Slow Dementia – The Atlantic
January 2014 – Study: Prolonged Sitting Jeopardizes Older Women’s Health – Cornell University Chronicle

January 2017- Indulgence or therapy? Exploring the characteristics, motivations and experiences of hot springs bathers in Victoria, Australia – Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
July 2014 – Hydrotherapy and Balneotherapy Shown to Reduce Pain – American Academy of Pain Management
March 2014 – Balneotherapy Effective for Chronic Lower Back Pain – PhysioSpot
February 2014 – Value of Ice Water Soak for Sore Muscles Still Unclear – Reuters

March 2014 – Manual Lymph Drainage May Promote Flexion Following Knee Surgery – Massage Magazine

May 2014 – Benefits of Clinical Massage Therapy for Chronic Lower Back Pain – University of Kentucky News
April 2014 – Univ. of Illinois Study: Massage Therapy Improves Circulation, Alleviates Muscle Soreness – Science Daily

February 2015 – 7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain – Forbes
February 2015 – Could Meditation Reduce Brain Aging? – Medical News Today
January 2015 – Mindfulness Exercises Improve Kids’ Math Scores – Time
August 2014 – Mindfulness for Depression May Also Reduce MD Visits – Psych Central
August 2014 – Is Mindfulness Good Medicine? (Studies Indicate It Can Help Alleviate Depression and Anxiety) – Scientific American
July 2014 – Brief Meditation Sessions Can Benefit Stress Reduction – Carnegie Mellon study at Epoch Times
May 2014 – Mindfulness Training to Treat Attention Deficits – The New York Times

MUSIC THERAPY July 2015 – Study: Pop Music Helps Ease Post-Surgery Pain for Children – Chicago Tribune
October 2014 – When Kids Are Depressed, Music Can Help – Yahoo Health
July 2014 – Five Reasons Why Music Boosts Brain Activity –
January 2014 – Study: Music Therapy May Help Teens Cope with Cancer – US News & World Report

January 2015– Eating Whole Grains May Be Lined to Living Longer – Reuters Health
December 2014 – Mediterranean Diet Could Slow Aging, Study Suggests – Boston Globe
October 2014 – Despite Drops, Americans Are Still Consuming Too Many Trans Fats – WebMD
August 2014 – New Study on Diabetes Risk Emphasizes Value of Nutritionists in Treatment and Prevention – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Science Daily
March 2014 – Study: Seven Servings of Fruit and Vegetables per Day Can Cut Risk of Premature Death by 42% – CNN Health
March 2014 – Counseling from Dietitians Doubles Weight Loss Success (Duke University, University of Iowa – Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study – Alere Wellbeing

July 2014 – Effectiveness of Pilates on Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review – Plos One

July 2014 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) May Improve Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms – Reuters
July 2014 – Mind-Body Therapies to Ease Insomnia – Huffington Post
July 2014 – Case study – Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy May Ease Men’s Hot Flashes – Baylor Univ. research at ScienceDaily

August 2014 – Study: Metabolic Rate Can Be Boosted by Adjusting Thermostat – CBS News

February 2015 – More Evidence That Smartphones Need to Stay Out of Bed – Quartz
February 2015 – Exactly How Much Sleep Is ‘Enough’? New Recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation – The Atlantic
January 2015 – Poor Sleep in Adolescence Predicts Future Problems, Study Says – Los Angeles Times
January 2015 – How Sleep Keeps You Healthy, Helps You Heal – Discovery News
September 2014 – Lack of Sleep Increases Risk of Failure in School Among Teens – Science World Report, from Sleep Medicine
August 2014 – Sleep Woes in Old Age May Be Linked to Brain Cell Loss – Health magazine
August 2014 – University of Chicago Study: Getting More Sleep Could Cut Junk Food Cravings in Half – CBS News
August 2014 – University of Montreal Study Shows Learning Is Best Enhanced During Sleep – Jewish Business News
February 2014 – Link Found between Sleep Duration and Depression – Psych Central
February 2014 – Less Sleep, More Time Online, Raises Risk for Teen Depression – National Public Radio

January 2015 – Blood Test to Help Smokers ‘Find Best Way to Quit’ – BBC News
September 2014 – Want to Quit Smoking? Eat a Magic Mushroom, New Johns Hopkins Study Says – Time Magazine, from Journal of Psychopharmacology
September 2014 – E-cigarettes ‘Not Helping Cancer Patients Quit Smoking’ – Medical News Today, from Cancer Journal
August 2014 – Many Doctors Recommend E-Cigs as Anti-Smoking Aid – WebMD
July 2014 – Benefits of E-Cigarettes May Outweigh Harms; Findings Run Counter to Calls for Strict Regulation – HealthDay
July 2014 – Smoking Mothers May Alter DNA of Their Children – AAAS, Science Magazine
June 2014 – Study: Text Messages May Double a Smoker’s Odds of Quitting – HealthDay
February 2014 – Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health – WebMD

January 2016 – Do Wellness Tourists Get Well? An Observational Study of Multiple Dimensions of Health and Well-Being After a Week-Long Retreat – The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
October 2014 – The Contrarians on Stress: It Can Be Good For You – New York Times
August 2014 – Carnegie Mellon University Study: Stress Found to Be Key Variable in Physical and Mental Health – Charlotte Post
August 2014 – Work-related Stress Is Risk Factor (45% higher) for Type 2 Diabetes – Medical Xpress
July 2014 – Exercise and Healthy Food and Sleep Can Reverse the Cellular Impacts of Stress – Times Media Group
July 2014 –Small Changes – and Hopes – For Preventing Dementia – New York Times
March 2014 – Stress May Affect Fertility – New York Times

February 2015 – Fight Back against Parkinson’s: Exercise May Be the Best Therapy – Minnesota Public Radio
November 2014 – Tai Chi Helps Breast Cancer Survivors, Study Finds – KPCC Public Radio 
May 2014 – Tai Chi May Slow Aging and Replenish Stem Cells – Psych Central

November 2014 – Traditional Chinese Medicine Gets Traction Among Scientists – Wall Street Journal 
July 2014 – Chinese Herbal Extracts Carry Potential to Destroy Pancreatic Cancer Cells – Counsel & Heal
May 2014 – Chinese Herbal Compound Inhibits the Hepatitis C Virus – Hepatitis Central
January 2014 – Traditional Chinese Medicines May Help Stall Progression of Diabetes – Science Daily
January 2014 – UC Irvine Study Finds a Potent Painkiller in Traditional Chinese Medicine – Los Angeles Times

February 2015 – New Cholesterol Warnings for Thirtysomethings – Boston Globe
January 2015 – A 12-Hour Window for a Healthy Weight – New York Times
January 2015 – Study Debunks Notion of Healthy Obesity – US News & World Report
January 2015 – Study Finds Plants-Based Diets Lead to Weight Loss – Los Angeles Times
August 2014 – Years of Overeating Alters the Brain to Give Incorrect Diet Signals – International Business Times Australia
July 2014 – Review of 38 studies: Even Modest Increases in a Woman’s Pre-pregnancy Weight Can Raise Risks of Fetal and Infant Death – New York Times
May 2014 – Study: Obesity May Affect Cancer Patients’ Outcomes – CNN Health
April 2014 – New Study: Cancer Tops List of Surprising Health Problems Tied to Obesity – ABC News

November 2014 – Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Studies Say No…And Yes – Modern Healthcare
September 2014 – 
UPMC Study: Workplace Wellness Can Cut Medical Expenses– Pittsburgh Business Times, from The American Journal of Preventive Medicine
August 2014 – 78% of Global Employers Committed to Healthy Workplace Culture– Employee Benefits Magazine
July 2014 – Gamification Growing in Employee Wellness Programs – BenefitsPro
June 2014 – US Employers Redirecting Spending Towards Wellness: Health Coaches, Smoking Cessation – Washington Post
May 2014 – Obese Employees $4,000 per Year More Costly than Employess of Normal Weight – Science Daily
January 2014 – Rand Study Raises Questions for Employer Wellness Programs – New York Times

December 2014 – Yoga May Benefit Heart Health as Much as Cardio – Reuters
September 2014 – Yoga Can Help Bipolar Patients; Some Risk of Pain or Injury – NewsMax Health, from Journal of Psychiatric Practice
August 2014 – Study Suggests Hatha Yoga Boosts Brain Function in Older Adults – MedicalXpress
August 2014 – Studies Suggest Yoga Helps Build Strength – New York Times
July 2014 – Yoga Can Help Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation – Cleveland Clinic News
June 2014 – Yoga Not Much Help for Asthma Sufferers, Study Finds – Science Daily
May 2014 – Yoga May Help Reduce High Blood Pressure – More Research Needed – Reuters