Wellness Architecture & Design Initiative Members

Initiative members gather emerging evidence of the built environment diving into scientific corners of academia, interviewing experts in related fields, identifying case studies and prime examples of spaces that enhance our wellbeing in harmony with the environment. This collective knowledge-base deepens our understanding of how humans interrelate with the environment, and inversely, how the environment impacts human wellbeing.

The members of the initiative have begun a two-year journey to write a white paper which will serve to inform and guide investors, developers, architects, designers, engineers and other project stakeholders toward embracing and implementing a successful regenerative design approach.

Lahra Tatriele

Lahra Tatriele

Initiative Chair

Lahra Tatriele, Co-Founder & Chief Wellness Strategist, Alchemy Concepts and Co-Founder, Fivelements, Asia

Lahra Tatriele is an executive wellness strategist, creative director and business development entrepreneur. She brings extensive experience creating and executing innovative models for high growth markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia. As co-founder of the award-winning wellness destinations, Fivelements in Bali and Hong Kong, Lahra has led the company’s wellness strategy, concept, design and development efforts since its inception. She has been recognised as an innovative leader in wellness hospitality designing high impact wellness destinations and programs in regenerative plant-based cuisine, mindfulness rejuvenation and corporate wellness experiences. Lahra co-founded Alchemy Concepts to advise international private and public entities toward embracing an integral wellness strategy as the core foundation for sustainable growth.

Valentina Cereda

Valentina Cereda

Initiative Vice Chair

Valentina Cereda, Founder & Integrative Architect,  Dubai

Valentina Cereda is a health and wellbeing architect, building biologist, feng shui consultant, land energy dowser and the founder of Energy & Space, a conscious design studio that integrates ancient teachings and contemporary sciences with architectural and design principles, to create healing environments that align to the frequencies of nature and enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health, while regenerating the Earth. Energy & Space’s unique offering combines design aesthetics for function & health along with consideration of material toxicity, electromagnetic fields, land energies and Qi life force, a true integration of ancient teachings and contemporary sciences with modern day architectural and design principles.

Sherry Fong

Operations Director for Senior Living, Residential Care Homes and Wellness, Wellness & Horticultor Strategist – Property & Project Development, Hotels

Sherry Fong is a Wellness strategist in property development and human healthcare. She brings to the initiative her extensive background in research, property development & property management. With her extensive background in luxury hotels, she developed and implemented the first property management company with a Swiss hotel management operation for MTR Properties. During her tenure with a prominent property developer in Hong Kong, she was part of the senior management team in developing a sports academy where wellness and sustainability initiatives were and still are an integral part of the academy. She further led an award-winning children’s horticultural/learning center which embraced the company’s ethos and help change the way Hong Kong children see farming and agriculture. From horticulture innovator to healthcare designer, her journey continues with her most prominent adventure. From designing a wellness and healthcare accommodation for the mature adult to the eventual operations, this upcoming project with its many sustainable and innovative designs will address issues that impact to our world.


Anthony DiGuiseppe

CEO and Founding Principal of DiGuiseppe Architect, United States

Anthony J. DiGuiseppe founded his namesake firm DIGUISEPPE, over 39 years ago. The firms’ work incorporate architecture, interior design, and project management, as an integrated process while remaining true to the tenets of sustainability, historic preservation, alternative energy sources, and wellness in all projects. The firms’ work has been featured in Vogue , Interior Design, American Spa and European Spa magazines, Hospitality Design, and has written articles in Wellness Architecture for Hotel Business. Anthony became involved with the Global Wellness Summit over 10 years ago as a delegate and panelist. He is a long standing member of the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects, with studios in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Kailas Moorthy

Director and Practice Head at (the London Studio of) DP Architects, ARB | RIBA | WELL AP | Fitwel Amb, United Kingdom

Kailas has meditated since 2016. Thanks to this daily practice he has become fascinated by the role the mind plays in keeping us healthy, and as an Architect, how the built environment can influence our mental state. As a WELL Accredited Professional and Fitwel Ambassador, Kailas leads DP Architect’s global Wellbeing drive from our London Studio. Over 20 years in the construction industry, spanning North America, Europe and Asia, has afforded him a wide range of experience in many sectors and scales of projects; through them all, he strives to bring a considered process-driven and human-centric approach to design.

Dr. Phillip James Tabb

Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Texas A&M University and the Liz and Nelson Mitchell Professor of Residential Design, United States

Phillip James Tabb is Emeritus Professor of Architecture at Texas A&M University and was the Liz and Nelson Mitchell Professor of Residential Design. He served as Head of the Department from 2001-2005 and was Director of the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University from 1998-2001. He is author of eight book in the fields of architecture, planning, biophilia, wellness and sacred architecture. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado, and Ph.D. in the Energy and Environment Programme from the Architectural Association in London. Since 2001, he has been the master plan architect for Serenbe Community – an award winning sustainable biophilic community being realized near Atlanta, Georgia. He is a practicing urban designer and licensed architect, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and holds a NCARB Certificate.