Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative Members


Missy Cohen

Missy (Carol) Cohen, MPH, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, United States

Missy is the owner of Just Breathe, a salt room by New Beginnings to Health located in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA. She earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University and worked in clinical and research laboratories for 30 years. Her desire to help people find true health through natural and holistic means led her to Halotherapy.

Erin Lee

Managing Director, Dröm UK Ltd, United Kingdom

Erin Lee, managing director of Dröm UK Ltd, is a leading proponent of the benefits of thermal wellness and Halotherapy, actively helping to educate clients in the benefits of health and wellbeing through Dröm UK’s ‘Drömology’ programme. Having been in the construction industry for over 20 years, she also oversees the design and implementation of both residential and commercial bespoke projects, taking the client’s vision and dream through to reality.

William Wesley Myers

Regional Director of Spa & Wellness, Langham Hotels & Resorts, North America, United States

William Wesley Myers, is a globally recognized leader in the spa, wellness and hospitality industry; recipient and named 2017’s Most Influential Spa Industry Leader. William is Regional Director of Spa & Wellness for Langham Hotels & Resorts, North America; leading its operating and in-development award winning luxury spa division rooted in the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mustafa Sadiq

Director Salt Divison, Agro Hub International (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan

Mustafa is the director of the salt division at Agro Hub, a fast growing Himalayan salt company based out of Pakistan. He holds a master degree in economics.

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Founder & Owner, Miami Floatation, United States

Dr Vladimir Turovskiy is a founder of Center for Integrative Medicine, which is part of Ame Spa and Wellness Collective at Turnberry Resort and Spa. In addition, Dr Vladimir Turovskiy is a founder and an owner of Miami Floatation in multiple South Florida locations. He is a healer, innovator and an outward global thinker.

He Yi

General Manager, Hakone Hot Springs & SPA Group, China

He Yi graduated from Shanxi Financial and Economical Institute, and majored in Business Finance and Accounting. He joined Hakone Hot Spring & SPA Group as the general manager of its sub company Oceanus Healthy Hydrotherapy Equipments & Engineering Co., Ltd in 2016.