Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative Members

Ryan Dodson

CEO, CPA, CFE, Franchisor, The Salt Suite, United States

The Salt Suite is a franchisor in the Halotherapy/dry salt industry with a mission of contributing to the communities that they serve, offering a valuable service to their clients, and be a place where their clients can heal, relax, and Breathe Easy™. Ryan Dodson taps his 18 years of franchising experience and eight years working with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies in public accounting to help franchisees meet their goals. In April 2019, Ryan left his position as Chief Strategy Officer at Liberty Tax which had 3,000 plus offices in the US and Canada to buy The Salt Suite business from its founders. Nothing gets Ryan more excited than bringing salt therapy to more people and helping franchisees realize their dreams and goals!

Kim Hannan

Founder & Creative Director, Mindfull Solutions; Co-Owner & Strategic Director, Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave; President, Float Conference, United States

With almost two decades of training and marketing experience in the corporate world and as an independent consultant, Kim is passionate about helping holistic wellness providers to create a ripple effect on the world. She is a registered yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, in addition to operating a float and halotherapy center with her husband and a boutique marketing and training agency of her own. Her sole mission is to help the people who help people.

Beata Jirava

CEO, Breathe Salt Wellness, Canada

For over eighteen years Beata Jirava has been involved in senior level management ranging in roles from a strategic consultant to that of a partner, director, and stakeholder of companies including engineering, property management, and most recently, wellness centers set for a global initiative. Her focus now is on strategic collaborations with scientists, medical practitioners, alternative medicine, and biophysicists with a goal of enhancing one’s vitality at the cellular level. Her mission is to create global restorative impact at the cellular level by combining a series of modalities including Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency, Dry Salt Therapy, Live Blood Analysis, Iridology, Acutherapy, Full Body Toxicity and Hormonal Testing for both humans and animals.

Erin Lee

Projects Director, Dröm UK Ltd & Founder, UK Halotherapy Network, United Kingdom

Erin Lee, Projects director of Dröm UK Ltd, is a leading proponent of the benefits of thermal wellness and Halotherapy, actively helping to educate clients in the benefits of health and wellbeing through Dröm UK’s ‘Drömology’ programme. Having been in the construction industry for over 20 years, she also oversees the design and implementation of both residential and commercial bespoke projects, taking the client’s vision and dream through to reality. Erin has also started the UK Halotherapy Network to help raise the awareness of and help further educate others on the benefits of Halotherapy.