Respiratory Wellness Initiative Members

Daniel T. Layish, MD

Central Florida Pulmonary Group, United States

Daniel T. Layish, MD is a board-certified internal medicine, pulmonary disease, critical care, and sleep medicine physician. Dr. Layish earned his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to complete his internship and medical residency at Barnes Hospital Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Layish finished his medical training with a fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. He has a special interest in pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders, cystic fibrosis, alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Dr. Layish authored an article on Halotherapy for the July 2015 edition of Florida MD and was one of four doctors involved in the 2015 Pilot Study: Halotherapy in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis. Dr. Layish also is one of the Founding Directors of the International Salt Therapy Association.

Christine Moghadam

Founder, Corc Yoga, United States

Christine Moghdam is a global travel consultant, wellness enthusiast, and Founder of Corc Yoga. On a trip to Portugal, she discovered resources and developed a one-of-a-kind product equally benefiting the people and the environment. Cork is not only a sustainable environmental resource but is also an antimicrobial surface. Christine received the 2012 Eco-Excellence Award and has been featured in Vanity Fair and Publico. She sponsors and leads global retreats in Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Greece. She is a community activist and mental health advocate and is dedicated to giving back through volunteering and leadership to diverse populations globally.

Deliah Shader, LMT

Founder, Whole Body Healing, United States

Deliah Shader is a former firefighter who was deeply passionate about the health and wellness of her colleagues. During her career, Deliah served as a Board Member of the Spencer Firefighters Association, Spencer Firefighters Retention and Recruitment Association, and the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts.  Her career ended abruptly when she was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses that left her unable to continue her career as a firefighter. Through her experience, she was able to discover the path to healing and wellness. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and currently serves as a member of the National Fire Protection Association. Firefighters and other first responders all over the world are faced with respiratory issues and Deliah is currently working on a pilot study for firefighters and the effects of halotherapy on the respiratory system.

Brayden D. Whitlock, JD, PhD

Partner Outbreaker Solutions, Canada

Brayden Whitlock is an entrepreneur in life sciences. His projects touch on many areas at the intersection of science, business, and law. As a partner at Outbreaker Solutions in Edmonton, Canada, he works in the field of antimicrobial surfaces and the impact they have on the spread of infections, especially with respiratory issues. He also works with Prowse Chowne LLP resolving and avoiding a variety of problems for businesses. Brayden publishes academically in the areas of antimicrobials, toxicology, and pharmacology and in the popular press on a variety of topics. He is a consultant for science/tech businesses through the Hodgson Whitlock Group Ltd.