Nutrition for Healthspan Initiative Members

Our team members are experts in nutrition, personal and professional, and specialize in medicine, coaching, hospitality, technology, skincare, spa and resort businesses, community-build­ing, healthcare, marketing, and travel.

Michael Don Ham

Initiative Chair

Founder, Wild Orchard Tea Company, United States

I knew from the age of 19 that I wanted to help improve people’s health and lifespan, which led me to choose Kinesiology as my major with a minor in Nutrition. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to gain diverse experiences, including working as a high school teacher, traveling to more than 20 countries, working on a 2,400 acre regenerative organic farm, and performing environmental testing and inspections in homes and offices to diagnose and improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ). I am now fully invested in helping people live long and healthy lives through tea and technology. While we live in an era of innovation and technology, I always emphasize that a single tea leaf has an intricate design far superior to any modern technology we see today. It is important for us to know what foods elevate our health and well-being and then to be able to introduce them into our daily regimen for a healthier lifestyle.

Alina Tyszkiewicz

Initiative Co-Chair

International Business Development, Chief Wellbeing Officer

With over 25 years of extensive expertise steering marketing and business development strategies for global Food & Beverage and Hospitality brands across Europe, Alina blends refined leadership acumen with a profound dedication to the wellness economy.
Fuelled by an unwavering interest in the organic roots of health and happiness, she embarked on a journey that inspired the creation of a unique wellness concept, integrating yogic principles for mental and physical balance. As Chief Wellbeing Officer, Alina not only shapes strategies for business and wellness but also leads authorized transformative lifestyle management programs and initiatives.
Holding a Master’s degree in Economics and a diploma in Psychology, she demonstrates proficiency in comprehensive wellness practices. Alina is a certified Yoga Psychology Counsellor, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Ayurveda Lifestyle Practitioner. Actively involved in the World Happiness Summit and the wellbeing manifesto, she continues to champion integrated wellness on a global scale.

Cyndie Burkhardt

Founder & CEO, Appetite4Life, United States

Cyndie consults organizations on wellness-focused programs and initiatives, leveraging her 30+ years of corporate marketing experience and 20 years in health and nutrition. A subject matter expert in workplace stress and burnout, she imparts strategies for both recovery and prevention. With the pandemic, her work shifted onto travel wellness for global teams and digital nomads. With professional training as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she also coaches clients to achieve their optimal wellbeing. She’s a passionate advocate for nutritious and delicious food as the foundation for a strong and resilient body and mind; moving every day to elicit one’s vibrant energy; and living authentically and empowered.

Meta Dunn

Founder & CEO, WellSpring of Life International, United States

Meta has over twenty years of community building, management, and leadership experiences in both the non-profit and corporate worlds. Her passion has been teaching wellness classes domestically and abroad and developing community wellness programs. In 2020, she founded WellSpring of Life International LLC as a source for drawing out the wisdom and strength of those around the globe to create healthy transformation in their lives and communities.

Teresa Norvell

Founder & CEO, Intoxicating Beauty, United States

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a member of the Nutritional Aesthetics®️ Alliance, beauty and wellness is a passion for Teresa. Her mission is to create non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products formulated with wine, spirits, saké, and craft brew that nourish and heal even the most sensitive skin. She also aims to bring awareness on how our mind, body, foods, self-care, and other lifestyle choices can have a major impact on our skin. This is what she calls the Intoxicating Lifestyle®️.


Denise Wiggins

Global Executive Advisor, Denise Wiggins Travel & Wellness Services, United States

As a leading global travel and wellness advisor, Denise’s career spans more than three decades on the cutting edge in the global travel industry, with an emphasis on wellness travel while creating memorable travel experiences for her worldwide clients. Denise also provides executive coaching and counseling on health, wellness and wealth solutions, with a focus on feeling better physically and living better financially through Isagenix, a global company offering life changing innovations. Denise believes everyone deserves to experience a healthy, joyful and abundant life by making healthier choices and aligning with a community of like-minded people centered around the Art of Wellbeing. As an award-winning and trusted advisor and thought leader, Denise is recognized for her integrity, compassion and inherent ability to connect and inspire people to embrace their best life. Denise has been at the helm of several companies leading global initiatives, which was integral to the foundation of her successful career in health, wellness and nutrition lifestyle.


Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH

CEO & Founder, Healthy Dining Inc. United States

Anita’s lifelong dedication is to empower people to find and enjoy food to optimize performance, health, energy, and brainpower. Healthy Dining has recently launched MyMenu® – a state-of-the-art technology ecosystem designed to contribute to personal, population and planet health. This revolutionary food intelligence software system empowers visionary hospitality companies to meet consumers’ expectations for hyper-personalization related to food, health, and wellbeing.