Mental Wellness Initiative



  • Brain plasticity throughout the lifespan – possibilities & evidence.
    MEMBERS: Prof Gerry Bodeker, Vivenne O’Keeffe, Vanessa Stoessel,
  • The Gut-Brain Axis – paths to mental wellness based on understanding the gut microbiome and its brain effects.
    MEMBERS: Prof Gerry Bodeker, Nancy Board, Alina Hernandez, Bryan Hoare, Vanessa Stoessel, Dr. Harald Stossier, Paulina Tracz
  • Impact of technology on mental wellness – linked by Jeremy McCarthy to a group that Jeremy has set up on the impact of technology on wellness.


  • Societal dimensions of Mental Wellness.
    MEMBERS: Margareth Brepohl, Dr. Danny Friedland, Jeremy McCarthy

    • A focus on the ‘social mind’ – i.e. “Social Connection and Generosity/Solidarity or the Collective Well Mind”. Catalyst: Margareth Brepohl
    • Societal factors that have an impact on mental wellness such as: Rise of Technology; Social Media; Deterioration of families and communities; Political process; Media and news reporting; The way we work (i.e. work hours and schedules, connection to office, compensation models, job security [which seems to be declining], replacement of labor by technology, etc.); Health Care. Catalyst: Jeremy McCarthy
    • “Conscious Leadership” – key to creating flourishing cultures of wellness and well-being. Catalyst: Dr. Danny Friedland


  • Caring for the carers & cultivating awareness of this.
    MEMBERS: Nancy Board, Dr. Danny Friedland, Alina Hernandez, Vivenne O’Keeffe
  • Standards for mental wellness practice and an evidence base.
    MEMBERS: Bryan Hoare, Dr Fikry Isaac, Robert Ranzi, Vanessa Stoessel
  • Curriculum content on mental wellness.
    MEMBERS: Nancy Board, Alina Hernandez, Bryan Hoare, Robert Ranzi, Vanessa Stoessel, Dr Harald Stossier, Jeremy McCarthy