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Wellness for Children Initiative Collaboration Call

Global Wellness Family Camp
August 24-28, 2019
Camp Starlight, Pennsylvania, US

This August, treat your family to a weekend of wellness at Camp Starlight, located in the beautiful Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. Wellness activities feature the five senses solution in addition to art, music, forest bathing, One BrainTM sessions with Sara Bronson, and more! Register your family online at globalwellnessfamilycamp.com.


Initiative Resources

Initiative Projects

5 Senses Solution for Healthy, Happy Children

The initiative encourages ministers for health and education to commit to the Wellness for Children program and so far there are 18 Caribbean nations involved. The photo below shows a minister for health pledging to the wellness program – the 5 senses solution for happy healthy children.

Touch Therapy Training in Ireland

The initiative understands the importance of touch in early development and so as part of the 5 Senses Solution program the group had a train the trainer seminar in Ireland at junior genius and baby genius (pilot program) with 10, 12 and 13 month olds along with the older group of 4 year olds. The teachers/carers reported that each child slept longer during nap time, all had bowel movements and all ate a good lunch. Parents noticed improved sleep overnight.

Watch a Video of the Training

Photos of Touch Therapy Training

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