Wellness at Work Article Series, 2019

Inclusion, gender equity, true engagement, the aging workforce, the relationship between mind and microbiome, and conscious leadership are among the many often-overlooked topics vital to building a culture of wellness and wellbeing at work. The following papers, written by Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness at Work initiative members and expert guests, sheds light on how leaders and employers can act on these pivotal topics to cultivate work cultures where people thrive.

Transitioning Workplace Paradigms: Addressing an Aging Workforce
By Mary Ellen Rose, PhD, Principal – PIECES® for Life / Sr. Health Services Researcher SME, Cognosante, Defense Health Agency contract

Mind, Mood & Your Microbiome: A Healthy Gut at Work (& Why It Matters)
By By Gloria B. Treister, HHP, APFS, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach, Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist/Consultant

Women, Leadership, and the Benefits of Gender Inclusion
By Mim Senft, GBA, CWWS, AAI, RYT, President/CEO – Motivity Partnerships, Inc./Gender ARC

Inclusion—the Elephant in the Wellness Room
By Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, Certified Growth, Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coach, CEO & Founder: KDPM Consulting Group + SisterTalk Academy & Joel Hershfield, CPA(ret), CSM, B.Comm (Hons), Manager of Finance – MDA & VEMA, Healthy Workplace Consultant

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