Social Impact Initiative

2023 Trends

Forward-thinking companies and organizations are concerned about measures to increase their positive social impact, also called corporate social responsibility. The Global Wellness Institute Social Impact Initiative identifies, catalogs and communicates inspiring evidence-based social impact approaches and programs that benefit societies worldwide. Here is a list of the trends they have compiled for 2023. All impact the health and wellness of both employees and their communities.

TREND 1: Recognizing that business management philosophy should be based on integrating human values and prioritizing corporate culture.

TREND 2: Understanding that meaningful social transformation depends on transformational leaders that create companies that are transformational because they are authentic, benevolent, consistent, collaborative, flexible, humble and resilient.

TREND 3: Solving more social problems by businesses that are committed to bringing new thinking to old problems.

TREND 4: Creating more opportunities for employees to help shape the social impact of the companies they work for, ensure that the experience of work is meaningful, and understand and address the needs of local communities.

TREND 5: Co-creating innovative, effective projects, developed in partnership with local communities and organizations, that are designed to help solve social problems.

TREND 6: Understanding that sustainable and regenerative development depends on thinking locally instead of globally.

TREND 7: Continuing to prioritize the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion principles and integrating them into all business practices.

TREND 8: Creating opportunities for more businesses that understand and embody the values of local cultures, history and the natural environment.

TREND 9: Integrating human physical and mental health into all business practices, including employment, product development and operations.

TREND 10: Uncovering new opportunities to build bridges between business solutions in areas such as hospitality and wellness and community assets such as hospitals, community centers and social services organizations.