Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative

2023 Trends

TREND 1: Therapy layering (synergistically combining modalities) continues to dominate the industry (halotherapy with infrared saunas, halotherapy with red light therapies that expose users to low levels of red or near-infrared light).

TREND 2: Salt rooms/caves mount a comeback as Covid fears of being with strangers in a communal setting subside.

TREND 3: Mini-halotherapy units that can be easily carried continue to soar as people want anytime/anywhere access as a complement to visiting their local salt therapy location.

TREND 4: Halotherapy is being added at a record rate to other wellness/fitness locations and treatments (float, cryo, IV, massage, gyms) to create one-stop wellness. facilities.

TREND 5: Beautiful Himalayan salt walls are being added to existing saunas/rooms in commercial and residential settings.