Social Impact Initiative

2022 Trends

TREND 1: Change for Good

A shift from performative “social washing” to taking action to help achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

TREND 2: Nothing About Us Without Us

Including people with lived experience of social problems in developing solutions to these problems.

TREND 3: Stories are as Important as Numbers

Increased use of qualitative data in the form of personal stories, and shared experiences to substantiate the business and societal value of social impact initiatives.

TREND 4: Diversity Hiring Changes Lives

Recognition that creating meaningful, secure employment is the best way to improve the lives of vulnerable people and their families.

TREND 5: Co-Creation Supersedes Consultation

Solving social problems depends on doing more than asking people what they think. Successful social change will involve creating opportunities for executives, employees, people with lived experience, investors and local communities to co-create and implement new ideas.