GWI’s New Research: The First to Make the Case for Why We Desperately Need Wellness Policy  

GWI recently released its new report “Defining Wellness Policy,” the first research to make a compelling, evidence-backed argument as to why wellness policy is so direly needed now. It explains how a new focus on wellness policy could complement–but also fill the glaring gaps left by–both current public health policy and new happiness and wellbeing policy efforts. It could also tackle the serious gaps in the sick-care-focused medical system and in the private sector wellness industry, which is too often expensive and elitist, so clearly incapable of bringing wellness to all. The research makes a powerful case for why we need to step away from the hype of wellness as a consumer trend and business investment opportunity and realize that wellness should be embedded in the priorities for all government policymaking.  

Download full report here 

2 thoughts on “GWI’s New Research: The First to Make the Case for Why We Desperately Need Wellness Policy”

  1. It’s great to know that this much efforts are being put for wellness subject at global level. This is really commendable and i appreciate this. I’m sure web 3.0 will also play a big role in keeping wellness awareness alive and will help people in sustaining wellness around them.

  2. Amazing! We ave been working in clinical practice with complex systems, precision performance medicine since 2009. Over the years we have found that the key to a life of excellence lived through exceptional health and wellbeing goes beyond even wellness. Our vision is purposeful human evolution and what that requires is higher levels of global consciousness. We have watched growing levels of health consciousness transform people’s lives. Thanks for your amazing work. We enjoy watching the strengthening of the wave you are creating!

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