There’s a frightening new report about wildlife declines. But many are getting the story wrong VOX, October 12, 2022
Wildlife is in a staggering decline. According to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund, populations of most major animal groups (mammals, birds, and fish) have decreased by an average of 69% in the last 50 years. This big number highlights the severity of biodiversity loss but can be confusing and misinterpreted, as it leaves aside the more hopeful data that demonstrates how conservation can work. Read on to understand how the Living Planet Index is constantly misinterpreted

Self-care is expensive and lonely. It doesn’t have to be Los Angeles Times, October 18, 2022    
This article argues that the concept of self-care is shifting, and for that we can thank, in part, Gen Z (and TikTok, where many of these wellness trends originate). The article explores how “self-care”—which stems from some pretty radical political and medical concepts—has been overly-commodified in order to sell us sparkly Sephora wares. What we now deem “self-care” is more synonymous with “treat yourself” culture: self-soothing activities symbolic of an aspirational lifestyle. There’s a big difference between health basics (sleep, movement, illness prevention/management, social support, etc.) and this new consumerist buzzword masquerading as real wellness. Analysts explain how the wellness concept is now moving beyond bath bombs and CBD creams.

Decarbonizing the energy system by 2050 could save trillions University of Oxford study, September, 2022   
Very good news! According to a new peer-reviewed study (available HERE), transitioning to a decarbonized energy system by around 2050 could save the world at least $12 trillion, compared to continuing with our current levels of fossil fuel use. This short summary shows how the idea that going green will be expensive is “just wrong”. Green technology costs have fallen significantly over the last decade and are likely to continue falling. Therefore, a fast transition to clean energy is cheaper than slow or no transition: Achieving a net zero carbon energy system by around 2050 is both possible and profitable.  

New research points to health benefits of eating earlier in the day and within a 10-hour windowNBC News, October 4, 2022 
Two new studies published in the journal Cell Metabolism indicate that eating relatively early may be measurably beneficial for weight loss, and keeping all meals within a 10-hour period seems to significantly improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

A Striking Stat

Nine out of ten Americans say the country is facing a mental health crisis, and half of them say they’ve experienced a severe one in their own family.  

Source: CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation national survey, October, 2022  Read more 

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