The Future of Workplace Wellness: Meaningful Approaches; Less Spending on “Programs”  

The GWI’s most recent report on the global wellness economy reveals that workplace wellness will be the slowest-growing future wellness category, estimated to expand from $48.5 billion in 2020 to $58.4 billion in 2025–a modest annual growth of 3.8%. Why does growth seem so slow at a time when employees are facing even more intense stress and challenges around work-life balance and mental health born of the pandemic? Because companies are now thinking (and spending) beyond compartmentalized “wellness programs” to focus on more meaningful, holistic approaches that can tackle emotional, social and financial wellbeing. The future? An expanded, more honest focus on employee wellbeing, but with expenditures that can’t be measured as “workplace wellness.”  

Read the researchers predictions on future workplace wellness shifts–from how we will move from workplaces to workspaces (with a much bigger focus on physical and psychological safety) to a profound re-think of when, where and how we work, in an effort to tame burnout at its source.   

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One thought on “The Future of Workplace Wellness: Meaningful Approaches; Less Spending on “Programs””

  1. Me encantó porque refuerza la importancia de mantener una flexibilidad y de conocer a profundidad el talento humano de las compañías.

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