Q&A: Harvard’s Dr. Steven Lockley on the Future of Wellness: Our Natural, Internal “Circadian Time” Becomes as Important as Artificial Clock-Time

 The GWI has a new Q&A with Dr. Steven Lockley of Harvard Medical School (one of the world’s top experts on circadian rhythms) and circadian tech pioneer, Timeshifter CEO Mickey Beyer-Clausen on how the future of health and wellness is solutions that make our natural, internal “circadian time” as important as artificial clock-time.

It’s packed with insights on how new solutions will “shift” our disrupted circadian rhythms—a revolution for shift-workers, jet-lagged travelers, and ALL of us, with our always-on, Zoom-at-5 AM lives. They discuss how circadian science will transform many industries, from medicine (where drugs, treatments and vaccines will be timed for maximum efficacy) to a shakeup for the sunglasses industry (because our current shades disrupt our circadian clock) to more “circadian-timed wellness,” which can identify when it’s best to, say, exercise or eat.

Read their eye-opening interview here.

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