Traveling With a Purpose: For Some, It’s a 2021 ResolutionNew York Times, January 21, 2021
The crises of 2020, particularly the pandemic and violence against Black Americans, have caused many travelers to rethink how and where to travel. Rather than taking luxury spa trips or sun-and-fun cruises, many are seeking to put more meaning into their future travels, either through a personal challenge like long-distance cycling, exploring their heritage, or realizing a life goal such as visiting all 50 states.

How to be lucky Psyche, January 21, 2021
Our Summits of Minds gatherings proclaim to engineer serendipity, so this article is music to our ears! The author of The Serendipity Mindset explains how to train for luck and turn the unexpected into positive outcomes. Most of us think that it just happens (or doesn’t), but in reality, everyone can learn to look for the unexpected and find serendipity. It boils down to an active process of spotting and connecting the dots—“it is about seeing bridges where others see gaps, and then taking initiative and action(s) to create smart luck.” Read on—particularly the tips.

Climate change will be sudden and cataclysmic. We need to act fast World Economic Forum, January 19, 2021
If ever we needed one more wake-up call about the severity of global warming, here it is. It doesn’t come from an Illuminati, but from the Chief Risk Officer of Zurich (a major insurance group) on the occasion of the launch of the Global Risk Report 2021—the WEF’s flagship publication about upcoming global risks. Two key points: (1) Tipping points could fundamentally disrupt the planet and produce an abrupt change in the climate; (2) A mass methane release could put us on an irreversible path to full land-ice melt, causing sea levels to rise by up to 30 meters.

I teach a course on happiness at Yale: this is how to make the most of your resolutionsThe Guardian, January 8, 2021
One of the best-rated professors at Yale and a leading “light” on the science of happiness tells us that the most effective way to make a change is to forget tough love and adopt a positive mindset instead and be kind to ourselves. Santos advises us to take a more evidence-based approach to picking resolutions, inspired by scientific studies of what makes us feel good. A few snippets: We’re usually happier when we’re paying attention, and counting your blessings before falling asleep can boost your wellbeing in as little as two weeks.

A Striking Stat
78% of Americans say that wellness is now more important to them than ever.
Mindbody’s 2021 Wellness Index


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