The GWI just released a “Wellness in the Age of COVID-19” Q&A with Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well+Good, a pioneering media company that she brought to successful acquisition in 2018. She is one of the undisputed experts on wellness markets and trends and is now advising wellness start-ups in tech, beauty and more.

Gelula discusses some “big picture” ways that the last months of crisis have shaken up wellness markets, including HOW: 

  • Elitist, very consumer-y trends (the $60 collagen supplements, the wellness peddlers on Instagram) are fading fast—and how wellness has become more vital in a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs kind of way, predicting the word wellness will lose some of its stigma.
  • Solving for mental wellness is now the biggest future market opportunity.
  • Workplace wellness is about to go through a sea change.
  • Wellness is increasingly political, with diverse wellness brands now grabbing the spotlight, and those perceived as not inclusive getting blowback.

Read Melisse’s important insights on the future of wellness here.

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