COVID-19 has inexorably changed the way we view density and urbanization. CatchOn, a Finn Partners company and a leading communications and market research practice, asked 20 architects, designers, urban planners and environmentalists what we now need to focus on if we want to build more viable and healthy cities, neighborhoods and communities in the future.

Their 20 reflections present dozens of ideas on the post-pandemic future of our cities and communities, from how rural and suburban communities will become hubs of innovation and regenerative food to redesigning for city-level ventilation (from interior spaces to new urban wind paths).

Download this report for creative insights on how we can rebuild after this crisis.


One thought on “What Is the Future of Cities?”

  1. Interesting article. I’d like to get the report but evidently FINN is a China apologist. China has been building unoccupied cities for some time. The CCP managed to deliver COVID-19 and cripple part of the global economy, at least for a time. Now, oddly enough, this report offers CCP solutions to dense urban living. I will not download the report to my PC.

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