The future of travelNew York Times, May 2020
A series of articles that answer 14 pressing questions around how travel will change after the pandemic. Experts from across the tourism industry—from academics to tour operators—answer the following questions and more: Will people gravitate to nature? Is the green wave over? Is cleaning the new “it” amenity? Where will travelers go first?

The rise of back-to-basics wellness in a Covid-19 worldVogue, May 8, 2020
Explores how the massive event of Coronavirus is leading to a rejection of expensive wellness gadgets and trends and a rise in back-to-basics wellness. COVID-19 has “removed a significant amount of the privilege gatekeeping that made wellness so much more exclusive” and has now become a lifeline for people all around the world looking to cope.

This MIT app makes self-care as addictive as a video gameFast Company, April 29, 2020
Lots of apps out there urge you to healthier behaviors, but many don’t work super well. A new app called The Guardians: Unite the Realms, developed by the Affective Computing group at MIT Media Lab wants to change that, capturing all of the addictiveness that the mobile gaming experience delivers to help to make doing good things for yourself an obsession.

A Swiss fitness movement from the 1970s comes back into vogueNew York Times, May 4, 2020
Vitaparcours, or parcourses, fitness trails dotted with exercise stations (often found in wooded areas) are credited with bringing exercise to millions of Europeans in the 1970s, before gyms or boutique fitness as we know it existed, and they’re making a big COVID-19-induced comeback.

Covid-19 may finally reset the fashion industry’s crazy seasonal calendarQuartz, May 12, 2020The fashion industry calendar makes no sense: In August, when the sun is blazing in the Northern Hemisphere, cold weather clothes appear in stores, so retailers have to put the seasonally-appropriate clothes on sale to make room. A group of fashion heavyweights is using the system reset by COVID-19 to finally change this crazy paradigm—and it’s good news for the planet.

Striking Stats:
Nearly half (45 percent) of Americans report the Coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health. In the UK, 47 percent of adults report suffering from “high levels of anxiety” because of the pandemic.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation poll; UK Office of National Statistics – April 2020

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