Green consumption is intensely on the rise, but where does consumption end and consumerism begin? Is buying green products “en masse” having a negative impact on the planet? And how does that affect our subjective wellbeing?

To figure the latter out, new research was conducted at the University of Arizona with a group of 1,000 young Americans. It concluded that people who consume less are happier than those who engage in other pro-environmental consumer behaviors, such as buying environmentally-friendly products.

This will entail negative consequences—large and small—for many segments of the wellness industry (let alone the retail one). If being green and happy means consuming less, that is: if “reduced consumption” (borrowing instead of buying or repairing instead of replacing) progressively takes on “green buying” (purchasing goods designed to limit environmental impacts), how will this affect the wellness industry? A very important question to ponder over the months and years to come…

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