First global research on the entire physical activity economy, including the fitness, sports and recreation, mindful movement, equipment, apparel and technology markets

The Global Wellness Institute researchers are headed to the Global Wellness Summit next week in Singapore (October 15–17) to unveil their major research report for 2019: Move to Be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity.

This is the very first research to provide market sizes and trends analysis for the multi-sector physical activity market, featuring all-new data for these key markets: 1) sports and recreation 2) fitness 3) mindful movement (yoga, Pilates, etc.) 4) equipment/supplies 5) apparel/footwear, and 6) fitness technology.

In GWI’s decade of producing wellness industry research, this is the most data-dense report to date. The 180-page study identifies the consumer spend and participation rates for the six markets above—and not just at the global level but for every region and for 150 nations—along with five-year growth projections. It’s also packed with emerging trends and business opportunities across countries—and with insight into public/nonprofit initiatives that can help bring physical activity to all.

And it will mean a new number for the current $4.2 trillion global wellness industry…

To get a sense of the report’s scope, view the table of contents here.

The report will be released Tuesday morning, October 15, in Singapore. Come back and visit:

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  1. After reading the report, I have admired those researchers’ great efforts for conducting this high quality report, well done!

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