The GWI has just launched a new initiative to facilitate a new global and more positive conversation about death and dying. It will build a collection of resources such as death and dying experts, resources about multicultural practices worldwide, and innovative options to empower the wellness industry and the consumer. The co-chairs are Amy McDonald, owner and principal, Under a Tree Health & Wellness Consulting, and Diane Doster, founder, Project Relevance.


One thought on “GWI Launches “Dying Well” Initiative”

  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in your new initiative on a positive conversation about death and dying. Four years ago, I started offering Loss and Grief retreats that fill up quickly. People want to be with other people to have a place to grieve. I am at . and recently I started a ceremony -Climate Change::Earth Grieving. circles for people to grieve the loss of species , land and animals. If I can be part of this initiative please let me know.

    Joyce Dillon, RN,MN, BCC Health and Wellness Strategy Coach for Corporations and Individuals

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