An important new study from the National Institutes of Health is the first randomized trial to show that ultra-processed foods actually drive people to overeat and gain weight compared to whole/less processed foods. Those on an ultra-processed diet ate 508 more calories a week, gaining two pounds over the two-week study period, versus those on the unprocessed diet who lost two pounds a week. Key aspect of the study: Each group ate the same amount of calories, sugar, fat, salt, carbs and fiber—and could eat as much as they wanted. A mechanism seems to be involved: Researchers found that those on the ultra-processed diet had lower levels of an appetite-suppressing hormone and higher levels of the hunger hormone.



One thought on “Wellness Evidence Study: Ultra-Processed Foods Are the Weight Gain Villain – Not Sugar, Fat, Carbs”

  1. Being vegan is the best thing we can do as a human. Ince, we become vegan, we don’t feel like eating any of these proceed foods, there won’t be carving for such things as in the vegan eater body we don’t have those microbes, in our body system, who want those junkies. And how we can be so selfish? Just because we think we need protein and calcium, we kill other animals and become cruel, and eat those cruelties? In fact, by eating the animal product, we are not adding nutrition but the pain and cruelty, sadness, and pain.

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