Aging is the most potent and enduring global trend and lies behind much of what is going on in economics and our societies. With the notable exception of Sub-Saharan Africa, longer lifespans and declining birth rates are now the norms almost everywhere.

The implications are broad and all-encompassing, ranging from the future balance of power between the US and China to the redesign of the social contract that binds societies together.

Taming aging has become the ultimate status symbol, with the “young-old” (those between 60 and 75) becoming much healthier and productive than just a few years ago. They may well turn standard economics (the long-held belief that aging depresses growth) upside down.

First, a rising number are keen to rework and work longer, finding in a professional activity a sense of purpose and a source of social connections. Second, these “mature” consumers expand new segments of economic activity in domains as varied as tourism (with cruises) or retail (for healthy products and premium brands). Evidently, all very positive for the wellness industry!

4 thoughts on “The “Young-Old” Generation (aged 60–75) Are Going to Shake Things Up”

  1. well said .. there is no bigger opportunity for any brand in any category than the New Life Builders ( 60-75 year olds and beyond ). Too many marketers still see this as a “future issue” instead of a “now opportunity” that will only grow. But the bigger problem for most marketers is getting around their biases as to how to reach the NLB. Happy to share my experiences and reports

  2. Inspiration to work & live by &.thrive!
    Terry, what about expanding age bracket of “young -old” generation to 60-80+?
    In Montana, I play exercise next to amazing ‘youngsters’ in their 80’s!

  3. Bravo!!! | As I already know this fact from witnessing it first hand: from leaving my corporate world banking career in the late 90’s to pursuing my Pure Desire to help others with their health wellness and self-care! These are exciting times and personally, I LOVE what I do, I love being healthy and I do not see myself “slowing down ” or “retiring” but rather living my life to the fullest and purest!

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