We predict that concerns about the cost to the environment of air travel will come to the boil in 2020. The backlash is growing, and the wellness industry must prepare for it. The “do no harm” (to your community, to the environment) principle will become an obligation, and travel companies will be held accountable.

But the air industry is far from the only culprit. A recent study concludes that in 2017, cruise companies emitted in Europe 62 million kilotons of sulphur dioxide (a contributor to lung cancer and acid rain) as compared with 3.2 million kilotons from the 260 million cars circulating on the continent. That’s 20 times more!

Yet, the shipping industry seems at best ill-prepared and at worst in denial. Carnival, the world’s largest cruise operator and a major contributor to these emissions, said in a statement: “Carnival Corporation remains committed to environmental excellence and protecting the environment in which we live, work and travel.” That won’t cut it anymore! Expect the cruise industry’s profitability to be hit by regulators or activists or both.

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