The Big Business of LonelinessVox, May 6, 2019
Loneliness is pervasive and increasing, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries—a tragedy and a trap for many people. Not surprisingly, companies and entrepreneurs now make it a business to sell an end to social isolation. From co-living apartments to co-working spaces to apps that help facilitate human connection, there is a lot of investment and infrastructure being built around services that help humans bond with other humans. Does it work? Does it create meaningful human interaction?

Raw and Red-Hot (Could inflammation be the root of many chronic conditions?)Harvard Magazine, May–June 2019 Could inflammation be the cause of myriad chronic conditions? Probably yes.

The New Rules of Middle Age, Written by WomenThe Wall Street Journal, May 8, 2019
As a new wave of women steps into middle age, books reimagining female midlife are striking a serious chord. “We’re not going to do our 50s the way everyone’s telling us we’re supposed to,” author Candace Bushnell says.

The Evidence Is Strong: Air Pollution Seems to Cause DementiaWired, May 9, 2019
A wave of studies has revealed that air pollution is much worse than we had previously imagined. The evidence is now compelling that air pollution causes dementia.

The Nature CureOutside, May 9, 2019
An increasing number of physicians are prescribing time outdoors as the best possible cure for a growing list of ailments. One of the doctors pioneering the movement says: “We are starting to think about nature not just as a place to recreate but also as a social determinant to health.” The biggest challenge: Big healthcare dislikes this free medicine.

A Striking Stat:  

The percentage of affluent US travelers who took a wellness trip so far in 2019 was 1 in 5 (19 percent)—up from 1 in 10 (11 percent) in 2018.

Source: SKIFT, US Affluent Traveler Survey 2019


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