Trips Led by and for Women (to Celebrate Women’s History Month) – The New York Times, March 4, 2019
In early 2018, the Global Wellness Summit identified the trend “A New Feminist Wellness,” which examined how more travel is now squarely aimed at women’s empowerment, whether it is more all-women adventure tours or more retreats for women to heal emotionally. This trend is really picking up steam for both solo and group women’s travel, as this article spotlights. It focuses on a few special destinations.

How Much Leisure Time Do the Happiest People Have?The Atlantic, February 21, 2019
The relationship between free time and life satisfaction is a tricky one, but we are all pressed for time. Having none makes us miserable. If we have too little time, we get stressed; if we have too much, we feel idle. A new research paper found that employed people’s ratings of their satisfaction with life peaked when they had in the neighborhood of two and a half hours of free time a day. For people who didn’t work, the optimal amount was 4 hours and 45 minutes.

US Fast-Food Giants Have Increased Their Portion Sizes, Calories, and Sodium ContentQuartz, February 28, 2019
According to a new medical study, America’s fast-food giants are aggressively flouting the trend of healthier food, adding calories and sodium, and serving up ever-bigger portions. The researchers behind the study recommend “calorie taxation.”

A Cell-Killing Strategy to Slow Aging Passed Its First Test This YearMIT Technology Review, February 13, 2019
Are tired-out cells what make people old? A new generation of drugs is designed to wipe them out.

Skipping Breakfast May Help You Lose Weight. What Hunter Gatherers Can Teach UsThe Conversation, February 1, 2019
The title is slightly misleading. This is an evidence-based article written by two scientists who essentially state the idea that “breakfast as the most important meal of the day” is a successful marketing invention endorsed by policy nutritional guidelines. They argue that the health benefit of breakfast has now been completely debunked by a new systematic review and by meta-analysis of randomized trials that investigated the impact of skipping breakfast on weight and metabolic rate. This is an important read to understand how lobbying can influence policy.

A Striking Stat:

Forty-four percent of adults worldwide say their sleep worsened in the last five years, with 8 in 10 claiming they want to improve the situation.

Source: Philips Global Sleep Survey, March 2018


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