The Nonpsychoactive Cannabis Extract Looks to be a $1.8 Billion Industry in the US by 2020* 

The next access+INSIGHTS Zoominar takes place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, at 5 p.m. EDT on CBD: The Buzziest Wellness Trend. 

Cannabis’s cultural stigma is fading fast in the US. Now that CBD, a nonpsychoactive compound derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, is said to have serious healing and beautifying properties, it’s enjoying a newly elevated status as the fastest growing beauty and wellness category, starring in topical products, supplements and teas.

“We’ve never seen a buzzier ingredient in wellness with this kind of industry growth, revenue potential and consumer interest,” says Gelula, noting that Well+Good editors can be pitched up to a dozen new CBD brands a day.

In this Zoominar, Gelula and Well+Good Editor Erin Magner will share “high-level” observations from reporting on this American wellness industry phenomenon. Consider this your Cannabis Cliff Notes for getting up to speed on the ingredient uses and science, getting intel on consumer perception, learning about some of the brand- and thought-leaders in the space, and hearing where things are headed.

This global discussion enables you to ask questions and engage with Gelula and Magner while they discuss this explosive wellness category. Your thoughts are a vital part of these Zoominars, and we look forward to a lively, informative and provocative conversation.

Gelula will keynote at the Global Wellness Summit in Italy on October 7 on why the cannabis-derived ingredient CBD has taken off.

*Based on Market Watch data, Aug. 2018

About Gelula and Magner:

Melisse Gelula is the co-founder of Well+Good, a leading health and wellness digital media company with a community of 10+ million monthly. She is also the senior vice president of brand of Leaf Group’s Fitness & Wellness Division. As a wellness media expert, Melisse has led the editorial, branded content, design and video teams at Well+Good. She was named one of the 9 Most Creative Entrepreneurs of 2018 by Inc. Magazine and one of the 10 Writers and Editors Who Are Changing the National Conversation by Adweek. Melisse has appeared in Forbes, WWD, and the New York Times, as well on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and more. Prior to founding Well+Good, Melisse was the editor-in-chief of, beauty director at Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, and travel editor at Fodor’s. She has an MA from the University of Toronto and has completed six years of training as a psychoanalyst.

Erin Magner joined the Well+Good team in 2015 as the Los Angeles correspondent—now, she’s an editor and passionate features writer with a particular affinity for the most woo-woo realms of wellness (tempered with an appropriate degree of journalistic skepticism, of course). With a background that spans print, digital, trend forecasting, copywriting and content strategy at such publications as Refinery29 and Glamour, Erin is also certified as a holistic health coach and yoga instructor.

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