“Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms” – The New York Times, November 21, 2017

The sugar industry has long tried to mislead the public and protect its economic interests by suppressing worrisome research, a tactic used by the tobacco industry.

“Want to Live Longer? Every Movement Counts, Even Cleaning the House” – Time, November 17, 2017

In a study of women aged 65 and older, just 30 minutes a day of light exercise—like running errands and cleaning the house—was linked to a lower risk of death.

“Relax, You Don’t Need to ‘Eat Clean’” – The New York Times, November 4, 2017

A closer look at the research behind our food fears shows that many of our most demonized foods are actually fine for us.

“From Inboxing to Thought Showers: How Business Bullshit Took Over” – The Guardian, November 23, 2017

This is an excerpt from a book just coming out: “Business Bullshit”. It’s a long read, but humorous and interesting throughout. Management fads have created workplaces that are full of empty words and equally empty rituals: according to a 2014 survey by the polling agency Harris, the average U.S. employee now spends 45% of their working day doing their real job. The other 55% is spent doing things such as wading through endless emails or attending pointless meetings. The point is this: vacuous management-speak is easily laughed off, but is there a real cost to talking rubbish – mainly money and time wasted.

“Getting a Dog May Save Your Life, Especially If You’re Single” – Bloomberg, November 17, 2017

Swedish researchers found that people with furry friends, especially the unmarried, have fewer heart problems than those who don’t.

A Striking Stat:

Income inequality is, of course, health and wellness inequality – and a new study shows that the richest 1% now own half of the world’s wealth.
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Source: Credit Suisse report, 11/2017

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