On Oct. 9, the Global Wellness Institute launched a “Wellness MoonshotTM” – whose mission is a world free of preventable disease. Top medical leaders spoke on what’s most needed to achieve this ambitious but critical goal. Dr. Andrew Weil argued that because it all comes down to lifestyle change, we simply must do more to make those changes easier: for instance, the cheapest, most available food right now is the least healthy…that must change. Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic noted that to achieve the moonshot we need a serious change in the medical reimbursement model: preventative wellness needs to be rewarded more, or at least equally, to illness care. 

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New Research – The Case for the Wellness MoonshotTM:

The day after the Wellness MoonshotTM was announced, research was unveiled showing the dire, growing problem of obesity for the worlds’ children and adolescents. This largest study ever (pooling data on 130 million people) found that childhood obesity had risen tenfold globally in the past 40 years (1975-2016). The WHO noted: if current trends continue, more children/adolescents will be obese than underweight by 2022.

Read about how kids in low- and middle-income regions are being hit hardest by obesityRead the full study

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