As always, wellness “must-watch” issues relate to some interesting developments with regard to policies and measures taken in the fight against obesity.

In a move that is considered a victory for the food industry over health campaigners, the UK government has diluted its long-awaited strategy against childhood obesity. The 20-percent reduction in the sugar content of children’s foods (cereals, yogurts, etc.) has now mutated from a mandatory target (what was in the plan just a few months ago) to a simple request. Most notably, the government’s new plan does not include enforceable measures to curb advertising of unhealthy foods.

 By Thierry Malleret, economist and founder, Monthly Barometer
By Thierry Malleret, economist and founder, Monthly Barometer

However, it seems that the industry will voluntarily make progress as a response to social and regulatory pressures. According to the director general of British Soft Drinks Association, over the past four years, the industry has achieved a 16-percent cut in sugar levels. It is now committing to cut a further 20 percent by 2020.

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