“Why Are Millennials So Obsessed with Food?”The Atlantic, 8/14/15

This article exposes a trend with considerable implications: The food culture is changing, and a key factor is how processed foods are being rejected by the millennials. Their taste for natural ingredients will shape the future of restaurants, resorts, grocery stores and agriculture.


“Why Tourists Are Still Flocking to Greece and Avoiding Turkey”Bloomberg, 8/21/15

Despite the economic crisis, July turned out to be a record-breaking month for Greek tourism. By contrast, the proximity to war-torn Syria and the threat of terrorism have discouraged tourists with regard to Turkey. This shows that the perceived fear of terrorism can become a major impediment to tourism revenues. READ MORE


“The Emotions That Make Us More Creative”Harvard Business Review, 8/12/15

A sudden creative insight can be a powerful source of wellbeing and bliss. The scientific director of The Imagination Institute at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center discusses which emotions best fuel creativity. At the end of the day, the ability to both broaden—and narrow—attention are both critical contributors to creativity. READ MORE


 “Science Says Your ‘Gut Feeling’ Isn’t a Metaphor”Quartz, 8/10/15

Over the past few years, research has shown just how much of an impact the “gut” can have on our body and mind. Now, some of the correlations exposing the gut-brain connections are turning into causation, with the gut shown to have a direct impact on the brain. READ MORE


“Inside the Brains of Happily Married Couples”New York Magazine, 8/13/15

New research in neuroscience shows that relationship satisfaction is influenced as much, if not more, by how we react to each other’s good news (versus being there for our partner when they are in need). A partner’s positive reaction to good news can magnify the benefits of the good fortune of being together and make them feel closer. READ MORE


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