Spa Industry Jobs to More Than Double from 2007-2018: from 1.22 Million to 2.72 Million
Asia-Pacific will add most spa jobs, at 250,000, from 2013-2018
Sub-Saharan Africa will see highest job percentage growth at 215 percent in those five years

According to the Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) 2014 Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor the “story” of the spa industry from 2007-2013 was growth in every direction: spa locations grew 47 percent to reach 105,591, and industry revenues also grew 47 percent to reach $74.1 billion. That means spa industry growth has far outpaced overall global economic growth: There was a 31 percent change in world GDP from 2007-2013.

Location and revenue growth, of course, means growth in industry employees. And the same research found the worldwide spa industry has been on a job creation tear: Spa industry jobs jumped 58 percent from 2007 to 2013, from 1.22 million to 1.91 million. And if the spa industry keeps growing at (at least) the same rate as it did from 2007-2013 (likely, as those were years of terrible economic recession), it will need 2.7 million employees by 2008—or another 42 percent growth!

In 2013 the spa industry employed about 1.1 million spa therapists and 200,000 spa managers and directors. So it looks like it will need at least an additional 500,000

trained spa therapists and 80,000 experienced spa managers/directors (above those levels) by 2018.

Check out which global regions have added—and will add—the most spa industry jobs from 2007, to 2013, and to 2018.

Notice that Asia-Pacific will add the most jobs from 2013-2018, at 249,198 (barely beating Europe, which will add 232,480 jobs.) And in terms of pure percentage “spa job” growth, Sub-Saharan Africa ranks number-one from 2013-2018, with a projected 215 percent increase in spa industry employees (just ahead of the Middle East-North Africa region at 206 percent growth).

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