By Anni Hood, Director of Wellness Tourism, Global Wellness Institute

With news of the Slovenian government appointing a former CEO of a large wellness centre as the Minister for Economic Development, and the recent bugle call in The Huffington Post asking “Is This The Year Of The Ministry Of Wellness?”, the wellness tourism train has undoubtedly left the station!

But what now? Lots now. We sent a communication out last week to our tourism and ministerial database outlining our plans for Global Congresses this year and the response has been both insightful and dynamic. Thank you!

There are so many angles to wellness from a public sector viewpoint. Optimal wellbeing is the King (or Queen) of all assets no matter whether your focus is labour, the economy, culture, the environment or indeed health.  Global governments are already stepping forward to stake their claim in owning a piece of the wellness tourism pie, focusing attention on their indigenous wellness practices and attributes.  Equally, if you are a group of private sector businesses (or even a single business) in the same region, who recognise the opportunity and importance of carving out a wellness tourism identity and trumpeting it to the world, you should get in touch with us as quickly as possible—the train left the station but there is plenty of room on board!

    In case you missed the buzz on the “Ministry of Wellness” click here to view full article.


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