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Wellness for cancer

March 31, 2017

On March 31, the Wellness For Cancer Initiative hosted a roundtable that included leaders of visionary spa and wellness brands; doctors conducting research on beauty and spa elements within their cancer centers; the past president of Society of Integrative Oncology, which globally defines standards of integrative care for patients; UK- and U.S.-based patient advocates and support organizations; and case studies of WFC trained spas.

The purpose of the eight-hour conference was to bridge preventative, medical well being in wellness centers, share the work we are each doing and create a shared lens that’s focused on clients – more importantly, focused on being compassionate and socially responsible. Nowhere is the need for well being and beauty greater than with people touched by cancer.

Nowhere is the level of research conducted on well being greater than with cancer. All evidence has been lead globally by the medical community; oncologists and leading integrative specialists are already looking at well being and its relationship with beauty.

There is a tremendous opportunity to create a bridge, which ultimately enhances the level of care that we as an industry can provide to our clients in many locations including: hospitals, day spas, medical spas, destination spas and hotel spas.

The roundtable has four work streams that are underway with select pilots and research and will be presented at the Global Wellness Summit. Support from the industry is very much needed if we are to step into the world of beauty and well being. Not with words, but with evidence-based action and being socially responsible brands that evolve with the needs of our clients.

The themes are:

  1. Beauty.
  2. Integrative Wellness Navigators to help patients and survivors be directed to appropriate spas, wellness centers and destinations.
  3. Evidence-based guidelines to help move the industry forward.
  4. Accessibility to lower socio-economic and underserved populations.



List of Participants:

Samia al Qadhi, UK Breast Cancer Care, United Kingdom
Adriana Azuara, All4Spas, Mexico
Julie Bach, Wellness for Cancer, United States
Gerry Bodeker, PhD, Columbia University and Oxford University, United Kingdom
Luana Deangelis, You Can Thrive, United States
Dominique Gibson, Mondrian London, United Kingdom
Martin Goldmann, ASPA International, Portugal
Sue Harmsworth, ESPA International, United Kingdom
Laurence Karinsiz, International Flavors and Fragrances, The Netherlands
Sergio Leandro, Mondrian London, United Kingdom
Dr. Carolyn Mair, London College of Fashion, United Kingdom
Dr. Alessandro Monaco, Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Foundation
Emma Pennery, UK Breast Cancer Care, United Kingdom
Rupert Schmid, Biologique Recherche, France
Dr. Mariela Silveria, Kurotel Longevity Center, Brazil
Dr. Claire Swift, London College of Fashion, United Kingdom
Karen Wilkinson, Bannatyne Group, United Kingdom
Suzanna Zick, Society of Integrative Oncology, United States