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Wellness Architecture Initiative
Wyoming Roundtable

September 20, 2018

The Wellness Architecture Initiative hosted a Roundtable discussion and interactive forum on “Maximizing Your Next Project’s Hidden Capital” in Jackson, Wyoming. The gathering was moderated by Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO & Founding Principal of Vera Iconica Architecture and Chair of the Wellness Architecture Initiative.

The panel of local experts and global specialists traveled to Jackson, Wyoming from three continents to share their insight and experience – both the victories and the losses. They identified the hidden capital every project has, and defined how we can move into a future where every built environment maximizes human and planetary wellbeing.

Through a moderated discussion, they discovered overlooked and unrealized potential architecture has to improve the social, economic, ecological, and human capital in our communities.

The interactive workshop identified the proponents and obstacles of wellness architecture in order to create a Roadmap to Wellness Success. The session was jointly hosted by the AIA and Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Architecture Initiative, was supported by the Wyoming Board of Architects and Landscape Architects, and was open to the public.



Brent Bauer, MD, Mayo Clinic, United States
Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO & Founding Principal, Vera Iconica Architecture, United States
Sarah McAllister, Director, Feng Shui Agency Ltd, United Kingdom
Luis Longhi, Architect, Peru
Rex Miller, Architect, United States
Jason Dunlop, Director of Operations, Vera Iconica Architecture, United States
Jon Lipman, Director, Maharishi Vastu, United States
Ray Lucchesi, Principal, Regenesis, United States
Adam Riley, Owner, Teton Timberframe, United States
Jonathan Schechter, Executive Director, Charture Institute, United States