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Stress Economy: Emerging Markets of Mental Wellness

January 28, 2019

On January 28, the Global Wellness Institute hosted a Roundtable on the emerging markets of mental wellness during the annual New York Press Event, which was hosted in collaboration with Good Housekeeping and the Good Housekeeping Institute at the Hearst Tower. The Roundtable was moderated by Mia Kyricos, SVP, Global Heal of Wellbeing, Hyatt Hotels Corporation.


List of Participants:

Ellie Burrows Gluck, Co-Founder & CEO, MNDFL
Dr. Richard Carmona, Chief of Health Innovation, Canyon Ranch; 17th Surgeon General of the United States
Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Institute
Henry Fersko-Weiss, Executive Director, INELDA
Jane Francisco, Editor-in-Chief, Good Housekeeping
Jessica Jesse, CEO, BuDhaGirl
Mia Kyricos, SVP, Global Heal of Wellbeing, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Beth McGroarty, VP, Research & Forecasting, Global Wellness Institute
Renee Moorfield, PhD, CEO, Wisdom Works
Siddhartha Pahwa, CEO, YO1 Wellness Center
Bob Roth, CEO, David Lynch Foundation
Sarah Smith, Executive Editor, Prevention
John Stanton, Co-Founder Chōsen Experiences
Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author
Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon, Chair, Tandon Capital Associates
Karen van Bergen, CEO, Omnicom Public Relations Group
Ophelia Yeung, Senior Research Fellow, Global Wellness Institute
Devon White, Co-Founder & CEO, Field