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Science is now proving what the ancient shamans, spiritual masters, teachers, seers and healing artists have known for thousands of years. Sound, music, acoustic resonance and/or vibration have a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health and wellbeing. We hear with our ears. We listen and feel with our whole body. We attract what we resonate with consciously or not.

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Initiative Leadership

Suzannah Long

Suzannah Long

Initiative Chair

Suzannah Long, CEO, So Sound, United States

Suzannah Long, CEO of So Sound®, passionately supports proactive holistic approaches to health and well-being globally. Suzannah shares over 20 years as a top producer in sales & marketing, complemented by body/mind, spiritual interests. Her career span includes body/mind therapist (Reiki master, sound healing artist, Pilates instructor)…Read More

Dr. Elizabeth Riley

Dr. Elizabeth Riley

Vice Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Riley, Research Psychologist, Music & Mindfulness Expert, United States

Dr. Elizabeth Riley is a research psychologist with a passion for the power of music and sound to heal the mind, body, and spirit. She has played the violin since the age of nine and has always felt the profound impact that making and listening to music has on her. Dr. Riley studied music therapy and psychology for her Bachelor of Arts degree…Read More



It is our intention for this initiative to bring broader awareness, research, education and/or ‘edu-tainment’ experiences that empower consumers to naturally uplift their vibes, health and wellbeing through the healing power of sound, music and acoustic resonance therapies.

We want to ensure that the global wellness industry and consumer understand the health benefits of these therapies for managing stress, pain, enhanced body/mind and spiritual awareness, creativity, productivity, rest, recovery, sleep, sensory integration and more.

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Meet the renowned thought leaders in this field who are collaborating to educate and evolve wellness in this area of global importance.



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