Medical Wellness Initiative

Our aim is to educate GWI delegates and the world about the importance of lifestyle and behaviors for health, longevity, mental health, and overall well-being. We will be bringing the best minds in Lifestyle Medicine, the ancient lessons of identification and research of the world’s healthiest, longest-lived cultures, and principles of positive lifestyle habits. Combining the lifestyle approach to medicine and an evidence-based approach to well-being therapies and treatments along with 21st-century longevity research and diagnostics to identify ways to sustainably improve well-being.

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Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson

Initiative Chair

Founder and Managing Partner Blue Zone Center, Unites States
With over two decades of building, innovating and leading healthcare, marketing and community projects, Stephen (Steve) Watson brings a breadth of experience that originates from working across numerous industries, innovative startups and mature organizations looking to design better experiences. Steve has owned and operated successful healthcare-related businesses through a laser-focused dedication to innovation and improvement; is active on the speaking circuit; and is enthusiastic about health and wellness.


Our goal is to foster sustainable services around wellness and lifestyle medicine to enhance and extend life, and to find the pressure points where healthcare and self-care intersect. Evidence-based lifestyle medicine has emerged as the future of healthcare, as it controls costs and delivers better health outcomes by treating root causes of disease.  We are excited to exchange ideas and initiatives and build a bridge to/with other Initiatives to cross-pollinate and take advantage of the intersections of well-being innovations.

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