No more FOMO! Access Expert Insights on
Wellness Real Estate & Communities

Harness the momentum in this rapidly expanding sector by unlocking the insights from the 3rd annual Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium that will help you plan, grow and future-proof your business. 

New frontiers are emerging at the intersection of medicine + wellness, science + sustainability, technology + design, AI + neuroscience fueling growth in the $438B wellness real estate sector. In this curated selection of 20 presentations from the recent Symposium, you will learn from pioneers in this space including world-renowned medical expert Deborah Birx, MD, the innovative founding principal of SHoP Architects Christopher Sharples, actor and humanitarian Richard Gere, leading international wellness real estate developer and CEO of SHA Wellness Clinic and AB Living Group, Alfredo Bataller Pineda, longevity medicine pioneer and CEO of Fountain Life Bill Kapp, MD, and many more. Also included in this package, Global Wellness Institute (GWI) and Summit Chair and CEO Susie Ellis reviewed hundreds of international projects then curated a “Global Glimpse” presentation highlighting over 40 of the most interesting wellness real estate developments from around the world.

2024 Symposium on Demand
[20+ speaker videos and presentations plus the new GWI “2024 Wellness Real Estate Market Growth (2019-2023) and Future Developments” research report]



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