New GWI Wellness Policy Toolkit Proposes a Changing Paradigm for Wellness Tourism 

Tomorrow the GWI will release its latest report, Wellness Policy Toolkit: Wellness in Tourism. It is the latest in the GWI policy series, suggesting concrete actions for stakeholders to bring wellness to all in the context of tourism.  

Importantly, the report introduces a new paradigm, broadening the focus from wellness tourism to wellness in tourism. As such, this toolkit is NOT proposing a policy strategy that narrowly focuses on attracting high-end resorts, destination spas and wealthy tourists. Rather, the aim is to unite the concepts of wellness and tourism to present policy ideas that can help all—from visitors to residents to the destination—reap more wellness benefits from tourism.  

There is no question that the strength of wellness tourism is linked to the wellness of the destination. When wellness tourism is done the right way, wellness and tourism are mutually reinforcing, i.e., it should enhance the quality of place for tourists, making tourism more successful, while improving the wellbeing of local residents and the destination.  

This toolkit is intended to assist anyone who is interested in policy approaches that embed wellness broadly into tourism, placemaking, and local development. The policy options presented here cut across wellness tourism, sustainable and responsible tourism, equitable wellness, quality of life, placemaking, and “placekeeping”. As such, they can be pursued by those working in tourism businesses, tourism promotion, destination management, economic development, or by those representing the wellbeing of workers and the community.  

The report outlines a wide array of policy actions that can be pursued by different stakeholders. These actions not only cover those directly involved in the wellness tourism economy, but everyone who is affected by tourism, including workers, local residents, the community, and the destination.  


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