Trend Report: Future of Employee Experience

Employee experience, and what counts as “wellness at work”, is a burning issue as people’s relationship with work increasingly gets called into question. Backslash, the cultural intelligence division of TBWA

Worldwide, has released an in-depth report that identifies some dramatically new approaches to work that lie ahead, showing employers and employees how they can co-create an experience that benefits both sides. It dives into four potential key shifts and opportunities:

1) Always-On Upskilling: The path from education to employment is no longer straightforward. As innovation accelerates and traditional learning institutions struggle to keep up, employers will increasingly be called on to prepare people for the jobs of tomorrow.

2) New-Age Necessities: The days of wooing talent with flashy perks are ending. Now, as people get real about work’s role in their life, employers must reinvest in what really matters, from IT tools to built-in breaks.

3) Flex-Futures: Flexibility is shifting from a perk to an expectation. As the tired concept of “balance” gets put out to pasture, companies will be forced to take a more nuanced approach to flexibility—reconsidering not just where we work, but how schedules are set, benefits are structured, and how we get paid.

4) Managing Turbulence: From climate change to AI to aging populations, major forces will radically disrupt work as we know it. While some employers are avoiding these challenges, others are viewing them as an opportunity—and the most resilient organizations will proactively protect their workforce in the face of turbulence.

Download this new report on the very different future of work.

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