Living Well From Within Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: The Future of Convening is deep learning and connection, not “sage on the stage”

The days of the “sage on the stage” are waning. We no longer need to sit in a huge ballroom and “be talked at.” Content is readily available everywhere, but deep learning and connection are not. The future of convening is about creating an active learning environment where content, connection and community converge . . . be prepared for convening experiences you never thought possible!

TREND 2: The Redefinition of Stress as a resource instead of a demand

Who isn’t familiar with stress . . . that clenching feeling in your stomach or knot in your throat? We typically experience the definition of stress as our ability to cope with it, where the fight, flight and freeze reflex leaves us feeling “reactive” and weak. In other words, we can have stress about having stress! Reappraising stress as a “resource” rather than a “demand” is the way of the future. When we look at stress as a marker of what we most care about and take creative steps in alignment with those outcomes, stress becomes a strength rather than a weakness. The energy of stress becomes fuel for our purpose and performance! We shift into a more conscious way of living and leading. Stress is here to stay, but how we deal with it is rapidly evolving.

TREND 3: Cultivating a Cycle of Giving and Receiving Love so coming together in groups consciously generates collective wisdom

We know that when teams feel psychologically safe, they perform at their best, and when we feel cared for, we feel safe. Taking this further, and through movements like Conscious Capitalism, the use of the word “love” is coming out of the corporate closet. When we bring the heart to challenging issues at hand, groups can consciously generate collective wisdom through a cycle of giving and receiving that cultivates their capacity to receive, hear and amplify wisdom in the communities they are called to serve. By coming together in groups to consciously generate collective wisdom, we believe we have the potential to heal conflicts that seem impossible to heal, embrace with compassion polarities and paradoxes that tear the fabric of our psyches and communities, and cultivate our capacities to further forgive and love.

TREND 4: The Fusion of Exercise and Purpose as a good way to make progress toward living and leading from within

It is in the nature of all human beings to have a purpose: something to look forward to, in order to give themselves a reason for waking up in the morning and going through all the ups and downs life throws at them. Without having a purpose in life, one will only wander through life without living it to the fullest. Blending one’s purpose, which sustains our soul, with exercise, which sustains our health and wellbeing, may become the way forward to living and leading well from within.

TREND 5: Awakening Conscious Leadership by leading from a place of purpose

Our world is in need of seismic change. Leaders can no longer pay attention only to the bottom line, which is leading us to a race to the bottom. Conscious leadership is less about striving to be the best in the world, but rather the best for the world! Leaders of the future will be called upon to elevate humanity because when everyone rises together and has a voice, everyone wins. Learning how to lead consciously from a place of purpose may well become the most important trend that drives other trends and unlocks the individual and collective potential in us all!