The quest by circadian medicine to make the most of our body clocks The New York Times, July 6, 2022  
An in-depth and fascinating look at how circadian science researchers are busy trying to figure out the right hour of day to do just about everything. Scientists now possess the technology to see how circadian rhythms oscillate at a molecular level based on behavior and time of day in people. And circadian biology is moving fast from the fringes to the mainstream of medical treatment.

Only 7% of American adults in good cardiometabolic health US News & World Report, July 5, 2022  
Cardiometabolic health is an umbrella term that includes blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, weight and/or the presence of heart disease. A new study from Tufts University (of 55,000 Americans) had some disturbing findings: less than 7% of U.S. adults are in good cardiometabolic shape. The scariest declines were in the percentage of Americans with healthy weight and blood sugar levels. The researchers noted: “The lack of good health and well-being across the board is truly devastating and has only been getting worse.” 

Modern city dwellers have lost about half their gut microbesScience, June 22, 2022  
Myriad “good” bacteria and other microbes in our gut help us digest our food and keep us healthy by positively impacting our immune, metabolic, and nervous systems. These humble microbial assistants have been in our guts since before humans became human–and modern humans have lost many of these helpers found in other primates. They’re losing even more as people continue to flock to cities, a researcher recently reported at a microbiology meeting: urbanites have lost about half our gut microbes.

Damage from air pollutants you won’t hear about from your doctorVOXeu, June 30, 2022 
By now, most people know about the damaging effects of air pollution on health outcomes. But as this article makes clear, the burden of disease is not the only economic cost arising from poor air quality. An emerging body of work suggests that air pollution may have significant effects on day-to-day functioning, economic output, and individual wellbeing in cities around the world, even for people with none of the observable health problems attributed to pollution exposure

A Striking Stat

Self-care content on TikTok has reached a total of 22.3 billion views. 

Source: Clarins UK, July, 2022 

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