Industry Research: The Spa Market  

Spa Industry Expected to Surpass Pre-Pandemic Revenues in 2022–Reaching $122 Billion  

The GWI’s new report on the global wellness economy includes in-depth data on the spa industry, a “high-touch” market that was therefore a major “pandemic loser,” but which is forecast to be one of the top-three fastest-growing wellness markets through 2025. If the market reached a record $111 billion in the pre-pandemic year of 2019, revenues plummeted in 2020 to $69 billion. But GWI estimates that the spa industry will surpass 2019 revenues in 2022 (reaching $122 billion)–and will grow a powerful 17% a year from 2020-2025 (more than doubling revenues).  

Explore everything from how hotel spas have been (by far) the fastest-growing subsector to how Asia is inching towards becoming the #1 market (now Europe) for spa revenues and facilities.  

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