Our attention didn’t collapse. It was stolenThe Guardian,January 2, 2022
Social media and many other facets of modern life are destroying our ability to concentrate. Our capacity to pay attention is under attack and at the breaking point, but while we still can, we need to reclaim our minds. In this extract from the just-publishedStolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, author Johann Hari argues that we are living in a serious attention crisis, and one with huge and widespread implications for how we live

The Biggest Health Trends of 2022according to Outside magazine,December 26, 2021 
Outside asks various wellness experts not to forecast fads, but how they think people’s perspective about what constitutes a healthy life will shift in 2022. Trends include: a new weight-neutral approach to health (less focus on weight loss), menopause taking the spotlight, the quantifiedself wave receding, and wellness increasingly becoming an end in itself (the focus will be on longevity and feeling good, rather than aesthetics or trying to become more productive in your job).  

How to become a better listenerHarvard Business Review, December 21, 2021
Listening (rather than hearing) is a vital skill, yet it is under taught. This article offers nine tips to help decision-makers and leaders become more active listeners. Pay attention to the breakdown of the sub skills involved in listening and how you can improve in themyou’ll be richly rewarded

A Striking Stat

48% of global consumers make proactive health and wellness choices on a regular basis; 29% prioritize health when necessary; 23% don’t prioritize health and wellness. 

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