What Is the Future of Wellness? 7 Shifts to Watch    

The GWI’s new report, The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond Covid, predicts that the 11-sector wellness economy will grow at roughly 10% annually through 2025–reaching $5 trillion by year-end 2021 and $7 trillion by 2025.  

But future growth will likely look different than in the past, because the pandemic experience has sparked major shifts in how consumers understand and experience wellness–and what they expect from it. GWI researchers have pinpointed seven shifts that will have broad ramifications for all wellness markets going forward:  

  • Self-care moves from pampering and escapism to a means for self-preservation and survival 
  • Prevention becomes a lifestyle and a bigger public health priority  
  • Wellness and science move closer together 
  • We will lean into nature for nourishment and healing 
  • Balancing physical and virtual connections becomes critical 
  • Mental wellbeing takes center stage 
  • An ongoing global “value reset” means people will seek more economic, environmental and social justice as well as more meaning in life  

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